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What is the most important thing in building customer relationships?

Start:Nov 29, 2021

Duration:20 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the successfulness of the goal to Bring a high level of emotional awareness to the sales process.

Description: We all have been trained in various ways throughout our adult sales careers. Its easy at times to focus on price and product features and ... Read More


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Eric B


Step 1

Would you agree that as a successful salesman you have in the past focused on price and the Awe inspiring features and benefits of a particular product?

Step 2

Can you recall a time when you led with features and benefits/price of an amazing product and the customer did not end up buying from you? What do you think went wrong?

Step 3

Describe a time in your life when a customer did end up buying from you ....what was the winning ingredient that tipped them over to you from the competition?

Step 4

What was your mindset at that point in time?

Step 5

Leading market experts have shown that we need to reverse the sales process. We need to focus on the buying experience of the customer. Go to the docs tab and read article.

Step 6

What would be your first step in working with your customers to reverse the sales process?

Step 7

Are you commited to evaluating your approach with each one of your customers?

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