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What is Your True Profession?

Start:Dec 05, 2022

Duration:20 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the successfulness of the goal to Bring a high level of emotional awareness to the sales process.

Description: We all have been trained in various ways throughout our adult sales careers. Its easy at times to focus on price and product features and ... Read More


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Eric B


Step 1

We all get so busy with the day to day needs of making money, feeding our families that we forget our true job. We are going to walk through some exercises that will help you reconnect with your true profession .

By reconnecting with what our true job is we can then ignite our inner passion and thwart off any of the multitude of challanges that come our way in life.

Are you interested in finding your true job?

Step 2

Go to the Demo Tab above and watch the video.

Watch the Video

Step 3

What one attribute did Leonidas and his men posses that allowed them to march into certain death.

Step 4

Describe a time in your life when you came up against an insurmountable force and were successful?

Step 5

What was your mindset at that point in time?

Step 6

Do you embrace the fact that we are at battle and you expect to face the enemy every day only it comes in the form of angry customers and perceived attacks upon us?

Step 7

Do you believe there is a warrior inside of you?

Step 8

Do you believe this inner warrior is essential to your success?

Step 9

Are you ready to fine tune your mind, body and soul to become this warrior through weekly training?

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