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GPS for Change

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That's Navitent.
Navitent Powers the Step-by-Step Transfer of Achievement

Navitent makes transferring and following proven successful paths to goals easy. Our unique navigational content development and delivery system of Trails, Guides and Maps, called Navitents, empowers users to lead and follow step-by-step journeys to any destination in life they have mastered or pursue. Imagine a platform where the whole world contributes to the achievement of socially beneficial goals. That’s Navitent.

A group enjoying our interactive training community platforms
Students Trekking Toward an Exceptional Career
From the book, “Your Right Job Right Now,” this Navitent Trail will direct you step by step in turning your education into an exceptional career.

Navitent is the next step in interactive self-help community platforms.

Trek Further
Follow Navitents as they engage you in concrete actions toward goals on any journey.  Go beyond where books, articles, seminars and videos can take you.
Share Navitents and your journeys with friends and communities so others can benefit from your experience.
Always know the next steps.  Keep up with your selected Trailblazers as they are charging ahead.  Follow the latest trails blazed and keep up with other Trekkers.
Interact in self-help and training communities of people who have already reached or who are on the path to the same goal as you.
Get started on your journey.
“Instead of just reading the book and having it be an idealistic theory, following the Navitents puts the theory into practice. Thank you for helping me align my dreams with reality!!! I very much look forward to working with you in the future.”
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