A GPS for Lifestyle Coaching
with Navitent Campfires
Gather Trekkers
Improve Support
Cover All Aspects
Create Lasting Impact
A GPS for Lifestyle Coaching: become a Trailblazer for Trekkers gathered around specific lifestyle goals with Navitent Campfires. With Campfire communities, add support and encouragement for Trekkers that improve the results of their Navitents. Create Campfires for each aspect of lifestyle development. Use Active, Nutritive and Cognitive Navitents for Mind-Body Campfires. Use Cognitive, Instructive and Productive Navitents for Maximizing Potential Campfires. However you organize your Campfires, give your Trekkers actionable, step-by-step means and support to achieve their goals in life.
Here's how...
Increase your Navitent advantage with Navitent Campfires
Create Communities
1_Create your Trails
2_Create your Campfires
Campfires are groups of Trekkers using Navitents to achieve a specific goal.
Campfire Examples
Couples Communication: Parenting
Couples Communication: Relationship
Living with Hope: Mindfulness
Living with Hope: Faith
Maximize Your Potential: Mind-Body
Maximize Your Potential: Career
3_Track and manage your community
Track Activity
Each community has a history of Trekker activity that is shared as they complete Navitents.
Track Shared Responses
Have your Trekkers add you as a Friend on Navitent.  As Friends, they can share their Navitent results with you privately.
Manage Members
Invite, remove and message members as a group or individually.
It’s your intelligence.  
Now, what are you going to do with it?
Create Navitents
Create Communities
Start charting your Navitents.
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