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Title: Resource For Trailblazers

Goal: A resource for Trailblazers to learn and share inspired ways to get the best out of the Navitent platform.

Samples & Inspirations uses expert guidance to create Navitents demonstrating uses of the platform.

Samples Community

Samples & Inspirations
A community sharing Navitent samples and ideas inspired by experts in their fields.

Samples & Inspirations

Tiered Course
Sample: Preseason Strength Training Program - Week 1
Sample of a pre-season strength training workout, meal plan and daily tracker.
3 Courses | 7 Days
Sample: Preseason Strength Training Meal Plan Week One
Sample part of a Tiered Course
69 Navitents | 7 Days
Sample: Basic Daily Activity And Sleep Tracker
A simple daily activity and sleep tracker
2 Navitents | 7 Days
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