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On Navitent, your content is part of a navigational system for life. Trailblazers like you easily convert content into Navitents (“Navigational Content”), a unique, interactive network of Trails, Guides and Maps that lead your followers step-by-step to their goals. While they benefit, you grow your engagement, revenue and following. With Navitent Behavioral Intelligence, you become part of a global platform advancing the human condition.

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Session Guides are Trails combined into one activity
Checklist Guides are Navitents organized by lists or days
Post Guides are Navitents organized by topic
Index Guides are Navitents organized by outline
Course Maps are Trails and Guides organized by phases
Tiered Course
Tiered Course Maps are Courses organized by levels
Deepen Engagement
Your interactive, task-based, step-by-step Navitents will drive deeper engagement and a higher likelihood of user success.
Gain Followers
Turn successful users into loyal followers and viral promoters of your Navitents.
Increase Revenue
Create revenues that can multiply as users share your Navitents with friends and communities when you choose to set a price and publish them in the Navitent Marketplace.
Build Communities
Invite users into communities.  Interact with the crowd using your Navitents.  Send updates and promote related Navitents through communities.
Share your Navitents with users, Trailblazers and organizations.  Invite them to your communities. Post your Navitents directly to social media.
Collect valuable feedback.  Learn what is working and what is not.  Refine your Navitents based on user behavior.
Get started blazing trails.
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“Jeremiah's Promise has achieved meaningful and sustained impact for transition-age foster youth through deeper engagement unique to Navitent, which balances task-based structure with the ability to interact privately or in a group forum while keeping everyone focused on the goals at hand. We were able to turn our most transformative conversations with youth into a GPS for school, work and life, achieving unprecedented results step by step and day by day.”
- Kim Golter, Founder and CEO
Jeremiah's Promise
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