A GPS for Athletic Coaching
with Navitent Campsites
Drive Engagement
Increase Accountability
Cover All Angles
Create Maximum Impact
A GPS for Coaching.  Become a Coaching Trailblazer on Navitent: create an online and mobile community and populate it with Active and Cognitive Navitents to develop both individual athletes and the team. Navitent Campfire’s task-based, step-by-step interactions, journaling and tracking (with teammates and one-on-one with you the coach) drive deeper engagement and accountability. Adding Nutritive, Cognitive and Instructive Navitents allows you to design the nutritional, mental and instructional aspects of the game for a total team building solution. Give your team a competitive advantage with Navitent Campsites.
Here's how...
Give your team a competitive advantage with Navitent Campsites.
Create Communities
1_Create your Trails
2_Create your team
Use Campsites to group Campfires into a common mission. Use Campfires to circle athletes around Navitents to achieve a specific team objective.
Campsite Examples
Boy’s 14U Lacrosse
Boy’s 12U Lacrosse
Boy’s 10U Lacrosse
Boy’s 8U Lacrosse
Campfire Examples
Strength and Conditioning
Speed and Agility
Attack Training
Mid Fielder Training
Defense Training
Face Off Training
Goalie Training
Team Building
3_Track and manage your community
Track Activity
Each community has a history of Trekker activity that is shared as they complete Navitents.
Track Shared Responses
Have your Trekkers add you as a Friend on Navitent.  As Friends, they can share their Navitent results with you privately.
Manage Members
Invite, remove and message members as a group or individually.
It’s your intelligence.  
Now, what are you going to do with it?
Create Navitents
Create Communities
Start charting your Navitents.
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