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That is the world of Navitent.
The Navitent Story!
In 2005, we set out with the goal to improve the lives of our families, friends and communities. Until then, no one had effectively harnessed the interactive power of the Internet to create lasting, positive change in people’s lives. After years of exploration, we realized it wasn’t a single goal we were after but a global mission we were on.
Today, as we look at all we have charted and where it emboldens people to go, we have discovered the true purpose of our quest: a new, universal online platform, a world where every human being can participate in the achievement of any personally and socially beneficial goal.
Search a library of Navitent Trails, Guides and Maps (step-by-step navigational content for goals) developed by the Internet crowd. Schedule and do them from our website or mobile app.
Day Plan lists your Navitents planned and completed that day.  When selecting Navitents to do, using Scheduler you can choose to do them immediately, later that day, in the future or repeating over a period of time.
Use the Dashboard as your launching pad to your Navitent ecosystem. See your day's to-do's at a glance, featured Navitents, messages and notifications and personal stats.
Create and join Navitent Communities to gain an advantage in seeking your goals.  Navitent Campfires are communities pursuing specific goals.
Campsites are Campfires with unique goals on a common mission.
Campgrounds are organizations with Campsites gathered for a common cause.
Search your personal library of Navitents and the of results you achieved for each one.  Go back into Navitents and see your comments, notes and responses and schedule or instant do them again.
Have your own way of doing things you want to record for yourself or others? Convert your how-to knowledge into your own Navitents.
Stock up in the Marketplace: a single crowd source for all types of journeys toward any goal.
Navitent (“Navigational Content”) allows Trailblazers (writers, trainers, leaders) to create easy, step-by-step trails for you to follow on your fitness, nutrition, mind/soul, do-it-yourself and professional life journeys. Navitent Trails provide all the elements you need to arrive successfully at your target destinations. Use keywords in your goals to find the Navitent Trails, Guides, Maps, Communities and Trailblazers you need. Select what you need for success on your treks now and in the future.
Invite friends and share your Navitents, experiences and wisdom.
Always know the next steps. Keep up with your selected Trailblazers as they are charging ahead. Follow the latest trails blazed.
Share messages with friends and keep up with what is happening through your notifications.
Invite your friends to the Navitent ecosystem and specific communities you have created or joined.
Use Share Responses with Friends to track the progress of individuals.
It’s your world.  Now, where do you want to go with it?
Start your journey with Navitents.
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