Take the journey further.
Lead in a behavioral intelligence revolution.
One world. One platform. Lead anywhere.
Become a pioneer!
Chart your expertise on a global platform where “Trailblazers” like you (writers, trainers, leaders) transform their applied behavioral wisdom into interactive, step-by-step navigational content called “Navitents.”  Make your Navitents available to a new world of “Trekkers” on individual and collective quests to achieve their goals.
Realize Behavioral Intelligence:
Convert, Know, Learn, Apply, Drive Engagement, Increase Your Profit
Convert your ideas and interconnect them into active, nutritive, cognitive, instructive and productive navigational tools for achieving any goal (your Navitents).  Know the phases, levels, and communities in which your Trekkers are interacting with your Navitents and each other.
Blaze a Trail by converting ideas into a
simple to follow, step-by-step set of
interactions toward any goal your
Trekkers will have.  Further organize
your Trails into Navitent Guides and
Publishing permissions allows Trekkers to browse your Navitents in the Marketplace.  Publishing using the Unrestricted option allows other Trailblazers to promote your Navitent in their solutions.
Get a snapshot of your Navitent universe through your Trailblazer Dashboard.
Create Navitent Communities for any
need to gain an advantage.  Create
Campfire communities pursuing
specific goals.  Campsites are  
Campfires with unique goals combined
in a common mission.  Campgrounds
are organizations with Campsites
gathered for a common cause.
Track the real-time progress of Trekkers in the communities you create.  See who, how, when and at what level of success they are progressing toward their goals.  Send updates to communities and individual Trekkers based on their activity.
Use Manage for Navitents and their Elements and Goals.  Duplicate Navitents and combine them into increasingly targeted and sophisticated solutions with bolder, more refined goals.
Learn where your Trekkers are succeeding and struggling on their journeys. Predict the next steps they need to take on their quest. Apply lessons to existing Navitents and send targeted instruction to the right Trekkers at the right time to drive stronger engagement and results.

Extend the effectiveness and reach of your Navitents by organizing them and your followers into communities with targeted approaches to shared goals.
Invite friends and share your Navitents, experiences and wisdom.
Always know the next steps. Keep up with your selected Trailblazers as they are charging ahead. Follow latest trails blazed. Let others follow you.
Share messages with friends and keep up with what is happening through your notifications.
Invite your friends to the Navitent ecosystem and specific communities you have created or joined.
Use Share Responses with Friends to track the progress of individuals.
Set up a merchant account to set prices for your Navitents.
It’s your intelligence.  
Now, what are you going to do with it?
Create Navitents
Create Communities
Start charting your Navitents.
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