Allison's Story
Allison completed the Navitent Map
“Journey To Your Right Job Right Now: Pre-Employed”  
Here is Allison’s Story
By Allison
“Instead of just reading the book and having it be an idealistic theory, following the Navitents puts the theory into practice. Thank you for helping me align my dreams with reality!!! I very much look forward to working with you in the future.”
“While I was in college, I felt your book and its Navitent “Your Right Job Right Now: Pre-Employment Edition” spoke to me in many ways. They woke something up inside of me.  The Navitent Map of your book helped me turn the wisdom of your words into good habits. I feel that living a virtuous life is a learned habit that can only come about as the result of practice. I feel that good habits are what help us develop to our full potential. Doing the Navitents made it possible to subconsciously get a jump-start on the practice of these habits so we don’t get a chance to put it off. We can sometimes get in our own way with excuses. We need to develop the habits now to do the things that we want down the road.  After following your steps on this platform, I now have the job of my dreams."

- Allison
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