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Transitioning to "No-Falls" Riding a Bicycle without Assistance

Start:Dec 05, 2023

Duration:1 Hour

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will accelerate the always about the goal to Learn how to transition the learner to ride on own

Description: Once you've completed and practiced the simulated training using the "No Falls" method, it's time for the learner to use what he o ... Read More


Published By:

Mike Hacker


Step 1

You’re ready to transition the learner to actual riding. Make sure the bicycle is in a low gear (if using a bicycle with gears). Also, show the learner how to rotate the crank so that the right pedal is slightly forward of the top-most position. Help the learner get on the bicycle with right foot on the right pedal and left foot on the ground. Explain how to use the brakes to stop (if the learner is unaware), and that neither foot should be put down until the bicycle has nearly stopped. Also, explain how to pedal. Finally, remind the learner to turn the handlebars in the direction of any tilt, just as was practiced.

Step 2

Obtain concurrence from the learner that he or she is ready to try riding on his/her own.

Step 3

For the first few times, give the rider a gentle push to get him or her started.

NOTE: You shouldn't have to run alongside the learner, but you may feel more comfortable doing so.

Step 4

Later, encourage independent starting by pushing off with the left foot while pushing down with the right.

Step 5

After the learner has become successful riding forward and applying the tilt-turn response automatically, explain how to turn. To explain this concept, tell the learner to pretend there’s a traffic cone in the center of the turn and to tilt parallel to the side of the cone as the bicycle goes around the turn. How does the learner accomplish the needed tilt? Although it’s counter-intuitive, the turn may be started by briefly steering in the opposite direction to the desired turn. When the tilt-turn response takes over, all the learner has to do is keep the bicycle in the tilted mode until the turn has been completed.

Step 6

Celebrate your new bicycle rider's success by treating him or her to something special!

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Bicycle Helmet