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Start:May 23, 2024

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of finding fulfillment in your career.

Description: From the book, 'Your Right Job Right Now', this Navitent Trail will direct you, step-by-step in how to turn your education into an exception ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Finding fulfillment in your career.

Step 1

Welcome, this Trail is for students who want to turn their education into an exceptional career.

To arrive at this goal, a series of step-by-step Trails, Guides and Maps ('Navitents') were created from the book 'Your Right Job Right Now'. Trails, like this one, will help you navigate your way through the confusing early stages of career choices.

As you progress up the Trail, you will find yourself arriving at higher levels of understanding and confidence in the pursuit of your ultimate career goals.

Like any Trail worth taking, you must actually DO, not just read or think about, each step.

That said, are you ready to begin the climb to the top?

Step 2

In the space provided, describe a time from your past when you experienced a great deal of fulfillment.

Step 3

The Cambridge dictionary defines 'fulfillment' as:

'A feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life.'

Based on this definition, how much true fulfillment do you think most people experience in their careers?

Step 4

The truth is most people do not experience a great deal of fulfillment in their careers.

Why is that?

Why are so many people working so hard at something they were not intended to do in life?

Why are some of the most successful people also some of the most unfulfilled?

Shouldn't there be at least one course in school on 'Fulfillment-ogoly', taught by your favorite teacher?

And now here's the pressing question:

Given all the time and hard work you are putting into your education, how confident are you that you know how to achieve fulfillment in your career?

(Note: after selecting a response below, if you would like to see a fictional clip of a 'Fulfillment-ogoly' class, go to 'Video' above and watch the scene from the movie, 'Hector And The Search For Happiness'.)

Step 5

For a look into the chasm that exists between pursuing an education and finding fulfillment, read the following excerpt from the book:

"I had no idea what kind of job I was looking for. I looked through the job search categories and remember thinking how different they were from majors in college. There weren’t any categories in psychology, philosophy, gerontology. Heck, there wasn’t even anything in English, history or anthropology. It looked to me like the job world and the college world had absolutely nothing to do with one another. I wish someone would have mentioned this to me while I was in college...

Secretly, I suppose I was looking for something that read: “Great high-paying job, doing meaningful work helping others. Candidates must have a degree in psychology and philosophy with an emphasis in gerontology. No experience, maturity or real talent required.”

Given this gap, how important to you is it to seek expert guidance on finding fulfillment in your career?

Step 6

If you choose 'Most' or 'More' Important', then this Navitent was designed for you.

This Trail is the first leg of a much greater journey. To navigate your way to career fulfillment requires the assistance of a Navitent Map (a series of Trails and Guides).

Unlike books, videos and classes which inspire and give you head knowledge, a Map guides you step-by-step, day-by-day until you actually arrive at your goal.

Without a Map you could find yourself, like so many before you, lost in an endless maze, striving your entire career toward a bleak reality of lost hopes, dreams and goals.

Do you agree that this is a distinct possibility?

Step 7

But that is not your destiny! You are ready. You have the desire, focus and fortitude to arrive at a future, your future, that is meant specifically for you. All you've ever needed was the wisdom and the guidance to get you there.

And now you have it.

Begin your journey right now by going to 'Related’ above and clicking the Map 'Journey To Your Right Job Right Now For Students'.

Take that first step toward the fulfillment you are intended to experience in your career!

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