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Navigating Cal OSHA

Start:Jun 20, 2024

Duration:5 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to apply Cal/OSHA safety standards for the construction industry and reduce 'near misses'.

Description: This Navitent will increase the successfulness of applying OSHA's safety standards. It is designed to reduce the frequency of near misses re ... Read More

Summary: Safety Made Simple

Step 1

The goal of this Navitent Course is to increase the successfulness of your ability to apply the Cal/OSHA safety standards.

Ok, let's be honest, you are probalby not very excited about this goal. In fact, given all your other priorities, you may be downright put off by it.

Is there some truth in that statement?

Step 2

First, no one can be expected to be excited about a goal that they simply do have not the time or inclination to achieve.

We acknowledge that you have other priorities that are more important to you right now.

We also understand that even if you were not already too busy, achieving safety standards can be boring at best.

Do you agree?

Step 3

So, for these reasons, we have designed these Navitents so that you do not have to LEARN the safety standards.

Instead, we are going to show you how to successfully APPLY them without having to learn or remember them.

Are you interested in knowing how you can apply a safety standard you haven't taken the time to memorize?

Step 4

Think of these Navitents as a 'navigational system', just like the one you have in your car or smartphone.

Like any navigational system, you don't need to understand, study or memorize the map to arrive at your destination. You simply need to follow the steps.

The 'Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide' is the map. We've arranged it so you can simply follow the steps and arrive at the goal.

That is how you will, with minimal effort, be able to successfully apply the Cal/OSHA safety standards.

How reasonable does this approach sound so far?

Step 5

How did we turn the Cal/OSHA safety standards into a navigational system?

First, we have converted the 'Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide' into a step-by-step Navitent Course like this one.

Each Navitent in the Course will give you the safety standard for that particular subject matter exactly as it appears in the Guide.

Your first job is to spend 5 minutes each work day to read the steps for the subject we send you.

At the bottom of each Cal/OSHA Navitent we have noted the following:

"Go to the Title 8 regulations in the CA Code of Regulations and to the CA Labor Code for detailed information regarding the scope, specifications, and exceptions of a particular regulation and for other requirements that may be applicable to their operations."

If the situation you find yourself in calls for it, you must take responsibility for looking up, reading and understanding the regulation and/or code associated with that safety issue.

If the situation does not call for it, read each step and choose the 'Successful' response indicating that you have read the step in its entirety.

You can practice that right now by selecting the 'Successful' response below indicating that you have finished reading this step.

Step 6

That was easy...

The second, and last part, of your job is the most critical:

When you encounter a safety issue on the worksite, for example dealing with Corrosive Liquids, your job is to pull the 'Corrosive Liquids' Navitent from your Navitent app and do it BEFORE you begin the project.

That's it, that's all you have to do...Now, are you willing to give your new 'nav' system a try?

Step 7

If you hesitated in your answer to step 6, here's something you may want to consider:

In 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1061 construction workers were killed on the job. Think about that number for a moment. That's more than 20 deaths per week or almost 3 per day in the U.S. alone.

The numbers for serious injury are even more staggering. Construction leads all other industries in the number of deaths and injuries.

Unfortunately, most of us adopt a 'this won't happen to me' mentality. Well, it's going to happen to someone and with each Navitent you do, the chances of that 'someone' being you goes down substantially.

How important to you is it to go through the remainder of your career without serious injury?

Step 8

Ok, before you start your first safety Navitent, here are a few helpful hints you will need to know:

-If you are doing the Course, make sure you schedule it to begin on a Monday

-You will automatically receive one Navitent each work day for the next 13 weeks

-You will be sent an email reminder each day you have an Navitent. You can access the Navitent directly from your email

-Navitent will appear both in app and web version of this site. Whatever you do in one version, will be saved in the other

-You can share Navitent with others by selecting the 'share' tab at the top of the page

-You can join and post comments in an online campfire or campsite

-If you have any questions, you can send a message to the publisher using the box located at the bottom of each Navitent

Now, are you ready to begin?

Step 9

If you are doing the Course, once you click the 'Save and Finish' below, you will see a Navitent on your Day Plan titled: 'Access'.

Click on it and you will be on your way to successfully navigating the Cal/OSHA safety standards.

If you are not doing the Course, go to the BI website under 'Safety' and select the Navitent that best fits your needs.

We wish you a safe and successful journey!

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