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Bathing Your Westie

Start:Aug 14, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Productive Trail will improve the possibility of bathing your reluctant Westie.

Description: This Navitent offers step-by-step instruction for giving your reluctant Westie, or other dog breeds, a bath.


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: A clean Westie is a sight to behold!

Step 1

While some Westies don't mind or even enjoy taking a bath, there are those who react to it as a form of torture.

This Navitent has been compassionately developed with the 'tortured' Westie in mind.

Are you interested in proceeding?

Step 2

Prepare bath for Westie: Run a luke warm bath. Have the Westie shampoo*, conditioner and towel ready to apply.

*Secret Ingredient: using 'Johnson's Baby Shampoo with Lavender' will help to prevent skin rashes common to Westies.

Select 'Successful' when all the items are in place.

Step 3

Find Westie: Retrieve Westie from under the bed. Alternatively, you can find her shaking in the corner of the room.

Select 'Successful' after locating "shaking Westie".

Step 4

Train Westie: Place Westie in front of your tablet or smartphone. Inform her that she will be watching a training video.

Go to the 'Video' tap and have her watch the video.

Select 'Successful' after Westie has finished viewing the video.

Step 5

Discipline Westie: Give Westie a time out for barking at the video. Say, "go to your room". Repeat as necessary. (Please note, if you are already in her room you may cause confusion).

Select 'Successful' after Westie goes into her room...all the way in.

Step 6

Instruct Westie: Firmly, but with love, tell your Westie that you want her to act just as the Westie did in the video.

Select 'Successful' after you have made your instructions clear.

Step 7

Forgive Westie: Release the offense. Her negative response to your instruction is just a temporary reaction. She doesn't mean it. She just doesn't like baths or being told what to do or training videos or Navitents or you at this moment.

Select 'Successful' once you have released the offense.

Step 8

Clean Westie: Place two hands firmly around the "shaking Westie", apply water, shampoo and conditioner. Remove from bath when Westie begins to take the form of a river rat.

Select 'Successful' when Westie (aka "the rat") has been thoroughly washed and rinsed.

Step 9

Dry Westie: Hold the Westie firmly to prevent early escape (leading to wet dog smell throughout your home). Apply towel to the entire body.

Select 'Successful' when transformation from river rat to Westie is complete.

Step 10

Brush Westie: Take brush to Westie. Pay special attention to "wild" nose hairs. Part Westie's head hair down the middle or style to preference.

Select 'Successful' when Westie exudes attitude of "I am the most beautiful of all God's creatures".

Step 11

Reward Westie: Tell Westie what a "good dog" she is as she runs around your house trying desperately to "wipe the clean from her body".

Select 'Successful' once Westie has returned to over-the-top happy self.

Elements (3)

1/2 US Cup(s)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo


Dog Brush