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Get The Job Part 4: Bring Your Best Self

Start:May 18, 2022

Duration:1 Hour

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to become one of the world's Best Interviewees.

Description: From the book 'Your Right Job Right Now', this Navitent directs users through the thoughts, behaviors, motives and, most importantly, the re ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Bringing Your Best Self is the fourth key to Getting The Job.

Step 1

In all honesty, how confident are you that you will be the best interviewee for the next job you apply for?

Step 2

From the book 'Your Right Job Right Now', click on 'documentation' or go to the book and read the chapter titled: 'Carolyn's Big Chance: Be Where You Are Going'.

Select 'successful' when you are finished. (Note: 'Your Right Job Right Now' is available on Amazon.)

Step 3

The Fourth Rule of becoming one of the World's Best Interviewees is:


In the space provided, write down what it means to bring your 'best self' to an interview.

Step 4

In the chapter, June tells Carolyn:

"Bringing your best self to an interview is a similar experience to trying on an evening gown for the first time. At first, it feels unnatural. That sense of 'this is not the real me'. But wait 10 to 15 minutes and...it begins to fell comfortable."

If you are at home, go to your closet right now and put on your very best interviewing outfit. Dress and get ready as though you were going to interview for your ideal job! Take as much time as you need.

Select 'successful' when you have returned fully dressed and prepared.

Step 5

If you completed Step 4, proceed directly to Step 6 now.

If you are at home and decided to skip Step 4 or to do it later, you just missed an opportunity to act like one of The World's Best Interviewees.

Expert interviewees have genuine inner confidence, not head knowledge. They gain this inner confidence by being willing to take risks where others won't. Take a risk. Don't let your lack of belief and motivation get the best of you. Don't tell yourself that you will 'do it later'. The time for your right job is now, today. Go do it.

Step 6

June tells Carolyn that when it comes to being a great interviewer, you have to "be where you are going".

What does "be where you are going" mean?

Step 7

Write down your vision of, ideally, who you see yourself becoming.

Note: in capturing this vision, try to see yourself separate from the specific job you are doing, money you are making or what other people think of you.

Step 8

According to June, in order to make the right career decisions, how important is it to "bring your best self to the interview"?

Step 9

Do you agree?

Step 10

At least once a day, are you willing to choose a time and place to practice bringing your 'best self' to a situation (conversation, meeting, coffee shop, etc)?

Step 11

If you completed Step 4, a short period of time has passed since you put on your best outfit. Describe any effect wearing this outfit has had on you.

For example, how did you feel when you first put it on? How do you feel now?

Step 12

Again, rate your current level of confidence that you will be the best interviewee for the next job you apply for

Step 13

When you are ready, proceed to the next Trail: 'Get The Job Part 5: Great Leadership Is The Top Priority'.

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