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Day 1: Your Orientation Part 3

Start:Dec 05, 2022

Duration:20 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of finding your right job, right now.

Description: From the book "Your Right Job Right Now", this Navitent transforms the pages of the book into a 30 day state-of-the-art, step-by-s ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Unconventional Wisdom, Unbelievable Results

Step 1

Welcome to this 30-day journey. You are in for quite an adventure. Before we begin, let's go over the ground rules of the course you are about to embark on.

Are you ready?

Step 2

It will help you to think of this course as a hike to find your right job. Each Step will build your confidence until you have what it takes to get the job you want.

Reading the Steps, not DO-ing them, and expecting to find your right job is similar to reading an article about mountain climbing and expecting to arrive at an actual mountain top.

In short, these Steps will work if you DO the work in these steps. There are no shortcuts. Head knowledge won't get you results. You are not the exception.

Are you committed to DO the Steps to get the job you want?

Step 3

For the next 30 days, this course will be your job .

Starting tomorrow, combined with your other job search activities, it could require up to three hours a day of your time.

Each day, on your DAY PLAN, you will receive the following Steps:

1) A Secret Do (the behaviors of the world's best job seekers)
2) A Chapter to Read
3) Key Questions
4) Specific Tasks
5) A Courageous Do (a specific action that will increase your confidence)

Are you committed to putting in the TIME over the next 30 days to arrive at the job you want?

Step 4

Let's begin with your 1st Secret DO: WAKE UP BY 7AM.

Behaving as though you already have your ideal job is the most important action you can take to get your right job, right now.

Waking up by 7am is the first, and most important, Step you can take to behaving like you already have what you want most.

Select the 'Successful' response if you are you committed to waking up tomorrow by 7am.

Step 5

Take note: I didn't say 'feel' like you already have your ideal job, I said BEHAVE. That may sound very simple. It is simple, but it is NOT easy. Only a very small percentage of the population will apply this Secret DO successfully. However, you will be among the very few!

Are you ready to read your first chapter?

Step 6

Go to the book, 'Your Right Job Right Now', or to 'DOCUMENTS' above and read the Prologue and Introduction. (You can also purchase 'Your Right Job Right Now' at Amazon or the book seller of your choice.)

When you are finished, select the 'Successful' response .

Step 7

In the Introduction you read:

"To come face to face with your greatest weakness and suddenly to discover your courage and passion; that is the effect June had on those who met her."

Write down your hopes and aspirations for this course.

Step 8

In order to make it through the full 30-day training, you will, most likely, need the support of others.

Make a list of people you would like to include on your Support Team. There is no limit to the number of people you can choose.

Be sure to pick friends and family members who will take a GENUINE interest in your SUCCESS. It is better to have one person who is genuinely interested in your success, than ten who are lukewarm.

Step 9

Courageous Do:

First, contact the people on your list and tell them about this Navitent course. The best way to contact them is by going to 'FRIENDS' and inviting them to be your friend. If you prefer, you can choose to call, email or connect with them through social media. Be sure to tell them that you are committed to finding a job that will bring out the best in you and that you have already agreed to wake up no later than 7am each work day.

Second, ask them if they would agree to be part of your Support Team for the next 30 days. That means you will be contacting them up to three or four times a week with questions, comments and tasks. If they hesitate, move on.

DO NOT take this Step lightly. Spend as much time as you need to put your Support Team together.

Are you fully committed to completing this task today?

Step 10

Once you have you have established your Support Team, here are a few important operational instructions:

a) Your Navitents will be emailed to you each day and you will be able to access them directly from your email.

b) When you leave the website or app to Do a task, read a chapter or follow through on a Courageous Do, remember to click on the 'SAVE AND FINISH' button (located on the lower right corner) to save your responses. If you fail to do so, you could lose your work.

c) You can track your daily results by going to MY NAVITENTS: History.

d) If you prefer to read the book chapter for the next day's task the night before, you may do so. Some users prefer to let it "soak in" overnight before doing the training.

e) If you have questions or feedback, you can contact the publisher directly by using the comment area at the bottom of this page.

Select the 'Yes' response to acknowledge that you have read these instructions.

Step 11

Your orientation is now complete.

Show up here tomorrow, after waking up by 7AM. We're going to hit the Trail bright and early.

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