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Get The Job Part 2: Leave Your Fears At The Door

Start:May 18, 2022

Duration:2 Hours

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to become one of the world's Best Interviewees.

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Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Leaving Your Fears At The Door is the second key to Getting The Job

Step 1

June explains that in order to bring genuine enthusiasm to the interview, you must first identify your fears.

Jennifer identifies her fear as "the fear of failing".

What are your fears and insecurities? Or, to put it another way, what reason(s) do you think a company would give for NOT hiring you?

Step 2

The Second Rule of becoming one of the World's Best Interviewees is:


Are you ready to learn how to apply this rule?

Step 3

June explains:

"...if I was interviewing for a job, I would make a deal with myself that I would not allow myself to feel insecure about my weight problem. I would keep that up for the entire interview. As soon as the interview was over I could go back to my insecurities but, during the interview, I would not give anyone the pleasure of seeing my fears.”

Are you prepared to make a similar deal with yourself?

Step 4

June leaves her fears at the door by asking herself a simple question:

"Would I want to work for a company who wouldn't hire me just because I'm __________?

In the space provided, fill in the blank by writing down your fears and/or insecurities from Step 1.

Step 5

Having filled in the blank, ask yourself the question in Step 4.

How would you answer that, 'Yes' or 'No'?

Step 6

If you answered 'No', you now see how you can be completely free from worrying about what companies, who you wouldn't want to work for in the first place, think about your weaknesses or insecurities.

If you answered 'Yes', continue to ask yourself why you would want to work for a company that would treat people in such a negative manner!

Step 7

In all honesty, write down what you would like to hear most from a potential employer. Here are some examples:

A) "You will make a lot of money..."
B) "You will grow quickly..."
C) "Your hours will be flexible..."
D) "You will have job security..."
E) "You can have your own company some day..."
F) "You can work from home..."
G) "You can expect to be treated with respect...."

Step 8

Currently, how aware are you of the power certain words and promises can have over you?

Step 9

Do you agree with June that in an interview "words don't mean a thing"?

Step 10

June tells Jennifer:

"When you live in fear you attract exactly what you are afraid of."

Write down why, if you don't do the difficult day-by-day work of overcoming your fears, you will attract what you are most afraid of.

Step 11

Do you agree 'learning to leave your fears at the door' is a good way to overcome the power your fears have over you?

Step 12

Here is your action item: sometime today, post in a community, share responses with selected friends, call, email or Facebook a friend and explain to them the importance of 'leaving your fears and concerns at the door'.

Step 13

When you are ready, proceed to the next Trail: 'Get The Job Part 3: Get Focused'.

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