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Get The Job Part 7: Seven Rules To Becoming a World Class Interviewee

Start:Jun 10, 2023

Duration:1 Second

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to become one of the world's best interviewees.

Description: From the book 'Your Right Job Right Now', this Navitent directs users through the thoughts, behaviors, motives and, most importantly, the re ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Knowing the 7 rules of great interviewing is the seventh key to Getting The Job

Step 1

The Seventh and last Rule to become one of the World's Best Interviewees is:


Are you ready to practice your interviewing skills right now?

Step 2

If 'Yes', then follow Steps 3-8.

If 'No', then proceed to Step 9 below.

Step 3

First, select a person whose professional opinion you value. Arrange a time for them to give you a mock interview. If possible, do the mock interview in person.

Stop and contact them now. If you were able to reach them, write their name and the time and place of the mock interview in the space provided.

Step 4

Your job in the mock interview is to practice what have learned about becoming one of The World's Best Interviewees.

The Six Rules of Interviewing you are going to practice are:

1) Don't overthink it. In an interview, there isn’t anything to think or worry about unless you receive an offer. This means you can be genuinely enthusiastic. Approach every interview as though it was going to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

2) Leave your fears at the door. Don’t try to be something or someone you’re not. Identify your fears, doubts and insecurities. Then work to let them go.

3) Get focused. Think about or, better yet, find out what the company is really looking for in a candidate. Think about the company’s needs more than your own.

4) Bring your best self. Have a vision of the person who you want to become and bring that person to the interview.

5) Great leadership is the top priority of your job search. No matter how much money, growth, title, etc., a job has to offer you, it will only be as good as the quality of the leadership.

6) Believe in your right job, right now. Battle those negative thoughts that are trying to get you to believe that what you want isn't out there.

Now, go to the 'documentation' (in light blue above) to download a list of The Six Rules of Interviewing. Review this list before each interview.

Select 'successful' when you have the list.

Step 5

Before your mock interview takes place, go to 'Related' for this Trail and add the Navitent titled 'Mock Interview Questions' to your library and then 'Share' this Navitent with the person who will be conducting your mock interview.

Are you willing to use these questions for your mock interviews?

Step 6

After your mock interview is completed, take into account the feedback you received (and your own evaluation) and identify the Rule(s) you need to work on to improve your interviewing skills.

Step 7

Consider returning to the Trails you need the most help with and redoing the Steps.

Step 8

Remember to always DO a mock interview before each actual interview.

Do you agree to do so?

Step 9

Now that you are well on your way to becoming one of the World's Best Interviewees, would you like to know what the World's Best Job Seekers DO that the rest of the job seeking world doesn't?

Step 10

If 'Yes', go to the Marketplace and schedule the 'Your Right Job Right Now' course that matches your needs and goals.

Now, go get Your Right Job Right Now!

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