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Start:May 17, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is intended to help rebuild a sense of dignity and empowerment as trekkers shift their focus to the present and future, leaving th ... Read More


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Step 1

Hi there.

Today, let's talk about confidence.

Do you want to know how to bring up the subject about feeling mistreated without feeling awkward doing it?

Step 2

Try to the best of your ability to get in touch with what you're really feeling.

Choose an incident where you experienced the greatest injustice as you answer the following questions. Skip any questions that don't apply.

Now complete the statements below:

Regarding Feelings of Anger and Resentment
I’m angry that...
I hate it when...
I’m frustrated that...

Step 3

Regarding Feelings of Hurt (skip the ones that don't apply)
I was hurt when...
I’m disappointed that...

Step 4

Regarding Feelings of Fear (answer the one the most applies)
I am afraid that...
I feel scared when...

Step 5

Regarding Feelings of Sadness (answer the statement that most applies)
I’m sad that...
I feel overwhelmed that...

Step 6

Regarding Feelings of Guilt and Regret (answer only one statement that you feel strongest about)

I am sorry for...
I apologize...
I did not intend to...

Step 7

Regarding Understanding Our Own Desires (answer only what you feel strongest about)

What I wanted was...
I deserve...
I wanted you to...

Step 8

Regarding Expressing Forgiveness (answer only what you feel the strongest about)

I forgive you for...
I forgive myself for...

Step 9

Regarding Feelings of Love, Compassion and Appreciation (answer only the what applies most - even if the feelings are only for you and no one else)

I love you for...
Thank you for...

I love myself for...
I understand that you did the best you could at that time...

Step 10

Remember who you are at your core. That part of you can never be touched. It remains intact.

*We hope that today you experience a renewed sense of hope about where you are now.

*Our hope for you is that you realize you're taking steps that bring you strength and a sense of empowerment.

*We hope you hear how much you mean to someone. You mean a great deal to us!

*We hope you're given an opportunity to be a gift to others who have experienced something similar.

Step 11

This exercise may have brought up some strong emotions. That's understandable. Unwind a bit and let them go by focusing on the part of yourself that you really admire.

Go to the video icon and just 'Breathe' with Faith Hill and Carlos Santana.

Let us know what you thought about their duo when you've finished.

Step 12

Whenever you're ready to have a conversation with the person who caused your pain - if a conversation is safe or possible - then you may want to use these steps to guide you through what to say.

How do you feel about using the 'I' statements above to generate the conversation, assuming a conversation is possible?

Step 13

How did this session leave you feeling?

If you need more help, please feel welcome to reach out to us. You can also post to your JP Next Step Camps, and they can steer you in a positive direction, too.

Are you good with this?

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