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Start:May 17, 2022

Duration:20 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to make friends who bring out the best in you (Your Peeps).

Description: 'Your Peeps' is the 3rd in the Next Step series that give specific, daily guidance that leads toward friends and confidantes who help trekke ... Read More


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JP NextStep


Step 1

Hi! So glad you came!

Let's do something fun.

Describe the best day you've ever had or dream of having.

Step 2

What were you feeling that made you so happy? What need was being met or exceeded beyond your wildest dreams?

Step 3

Can you gather enough courage to let go of any insecurities about your past that you may have and focus on new possibilities that your present and future have to offer?

Step 4

Are you willing to try one thing today to take you in this new direction from doubts and worry and toward the love, sense of stability and happiness that you desire?

Step 5

Here's how it begins: Do your best to spend an hour a day alone to connect with yourself.

During this time, picture your strengths. Listen to your favorite music if it helps. Get a firm image of your life at school, work or home. In this image you allow your best qualities to be on display without holding back.

What kind of people are there with you? How does the real you act around them? For instance, where do you go and what do you do? What do you talk about? How much do you laugh?

How do your insides feel when you imagine these things?

Write down your response to these images in the space provided to capture the feeling of the real, energized you.

Step 6

Wear 'real you' today and get a feel for it, much like your favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans that you really liked but thought you'd lost forever.

Just try 'real you' on for size. Take it around the block. Practice being...yourself...with the qualities you like best on display.

Will you try it?

Step 7

To get you in the mood, go to the video icon and catch the vibe from happy scenes from the movie, 'Frozen'.

Tell us if it put a smile on your face before you head out to recapture the feelings from your best day ever.

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