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Start:Jun 20, 2024

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to capture your dreams and turn them into workable plans (Vision4Future).

Description: 'Vision4Future' connects trekkers to their dreams, guiding them to a simple, workable strategy that puts their vision into motion.


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JP NextStep


Step 1

Hi how are you doing? Maybe you're feeling a little tense about all this vision stuff. If so, that's a normal feeling.

As we've touched on previously, there are times in your adventure that are more challenging. Things just seem harder.

These are the times to reach out to someone who can give you the encouragement and advice you need. Think about how many characters it took to help Alice (in Wonderland) regain her 'muchness'.

That someone for you could be a teacher, mentor, former foster parent, coach, social worker, youth pastor, boss, trusted relative or neighbor...or posting to your Campfire (JP Next Step local peers), Campsite (JP Next Step national peers) or Campground (JP Next Step peers worldwide) on this site.

List the people you reach out to for encouragement, insight or advice. Add the ones you could reach out to.

Step 2

If you're going through a tough time now, then reach out to someone on your list and set a time to meet or phone.

Texting is an option but not the best one. You only get part of the story that way. Don't cheat yourself. If no one is available, then post your challenge to one of your 'Camps'.

Will you follow one of these suggestions? If so, which one are you most comfortable with?

Step 3

There also are times when you have an opportunity to give back to someone who's helped you. Go to the video icon and watch the last scene from the film, 'Finding Forrester'.

Tell us what you thought about the clip when you've finished. If it inspires you, watch the full movie when you've finished these steps.

Step 4

As you saw in the clip, sometimes the situation reverses itself. The person who inspires you may be facing their own challenge.

At some point in your friendship, you offer them something you may not even be aware of just by being honest, just by being yourself.

You're guiding them through their own challenges as they guide you through yours. They can see something in your interactions that they need to overcome within themselves. It's very natural. It's also a gift.

Are you willing to be yourself and be honest with them so that your friendship can be a source of inspiration and hope for both of you?

Step 5

How positive do you feel when you think about the role you can play very naturally in the lives of others who have helped you out of a jam...or jams?

Step 6

Think of someone who's been helping you.

Describe some of the ways you can give back to them.

Step 7

Give back.


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