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Start:Jun 20, 2024

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to capture your dreams and turn them into workable plans (Vision4Future).

Description: 'Vision4Future' connects trekkers to their dreams, guiding them to a simple, workable strategy that puts their vision into motion.


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JP NextStep


Step 1

Hi! Let's go big today with our dreams. Are you ready?

Step 2

If yes, continue to Step 3.

If you answered no, then briefly describe what's in your way at the moment. When you've finished, continue on to Step 3.

If you need to post to Publisher (us!) for more support, then feel welcome to do so. We'll respond within 24 hours. Look for it in your message icon. Even if you need a little more guidance, continue on with today's steps.

Step 3

Dreams were planted inside of you for a much bigger purpose than you may realize.

They're meant to guide you toward an outrageous adventure designed to give you the most impact, not just for you, but for the people whose lives intersect with yours. This kind of adventure results in the greatest source of personal satisfaction.

This is not small dreaming. This is reality.

How much do you believe that your life can be an outrageous adventure that can profoundly impact many, many lives?

Step 4

In your wildest imagination, how would your adventure impact the world for good?

Step 5

Any adventure worth having is going to have moments of discovery.

Are you discovering things about yourself that you appreciate? What are they?

Step 6

What kind of experiences are you having now that you wouldn't have had if you didn't follow your heart?

Step 7

As you progress along your journey, keep in mind that destiny is accomplished over time. The journey is meant to be exciting and rewarding in and of itself.

Each day that you see something to appreciate or learn from IS the reward. Savor each stage.

How would you describe the stage you're in now, and what's surprised - or delighted - you the most about it?

Step 8

An adventure can only be outrageous if there's something about it that makes you reach beyond what you thought were your limits. Your adventure should make you confront your fears. That develops courage.

What could you do in the next 24 hours that you believe is part of your adventure that would require courage?

Step 9

To qualify, your courageous action would have to meet three standards:

* it would bring out your best, most positive qualities
* it would be boldly kind and helpful to others
* it would require your ability to reach beyond what you thought you had in you

Does your 'something' meet these three standards?

Step 10

If no, keep thinking about it until the standards are met. Will you?

If yes, your challenge during the next 24 hours is to go do what you wrote about. Will you?

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