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Day 16_Stay Out of Recycle

Start:Sep 28, 2023

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to understand your value and learn how to command the respect you deserve (Respect).

Description: This Next Step trail guides teens and young adults step-by-step each day until they discover their value and become confident in respecting ... Read More


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Step 1


You know the drill by now. Get quiet. Think of one truly positive thing that puts a smile on your face. Describe what about it makes you feel grateful.

Step 2

Head talk is important, huh?

Here's how head talk can sabotage you or build you up, depending on thoughts that you play over and over and over again in your mind.

If the message you hear is that you don't measure up or "this is the best you'll ever have and you better accept it," then you may be well on your way to a heartache if you haven't already arrived.

If the messages say you're worth being treated with love, dignity and respect, then you are on the way to happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Are you becoming more aware of these messages?

Step 3

There's another topic that could be messing with your head, contributing to negativity. It falls under the category of guilt about friendships.

See if any of this applies to your situation.

Have you let someone back into your life who treats you poorly?

Step 4

Are you still spending time with a person who treats you with borderline respect?

Step 5

Would you be willing to take a time out, a kind of relationship vacation, from anyone who isn't treating you well?

That means to distance yourself from them. No communication. No texts. No posts. No calls. No meet ups.

Step 6

Think you can’t survive without them?

Head to the video icon and watch two scenes from 'The Lord of The Rings'.

It shows how a friendship should look even when both of you are tested to your limits. Neither has to be perfect all the time - just decent most of the time and supportive when it's most important. There's love, respect and sense of decency that's evident between the two of you.

Step 7

Frodo and Sam went through a lot together. They had a history of good friendship where they typically treated each other with a great deal of respect.

Then they agreed to a life and death journey with a nearly impossible mission to accomplish. They were pushed past their limits in doing it. Yet Sam was committed to support Frodo in this mission that took everything Frodo had to accomplish.

As it applies to you, listen to what your insides are telling you about letting someone into your life who shouldn't be there.

What are your insides telling you now?

Step 8

Whenever you're tempted to give in and let a destructive or negative person back into your life - assuming no significant change has been made in their lives in the past year - then talk to your mentor or anyone who has years of life experience and a history of making good decisions.

Ask them to hold you accountable in staying away from the offending person.

It's wise to keep doing The Next Step until you have the confidence you need to make changes.

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