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Start:Jun 20, 2024

Duration:20 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to activate hope with a plan (Your Triumph).

Description: The Next Step guides trekkers toward the right strategies, behaviors and attitudes to reach their dreams, outsmarting what tends to get the ... Read More


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JP NextStep


Step 1

So this is where it all begins. This is how to get to your personal triumph.

Let's start with a story you may relate to.

Go to the video icon above and watch the 'Butterfly Circus'. It's about 20 minutes long, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Tell us how it landed with you when you're done.

Step 2

What struck you most about the story you just saw?

Step 3

Did you pick up on the difference maker in the video?

You see...it's the small shift. It only takes a small change in your thinking to turn your struggles into victory. Hear us out on this one.

Think about the character, Will, who seemed to have more going against him than for him.

But the Circus Ringleader thought differently. He told Will, "If you could only see the beauty that can come from the ashes."

He pointed out that Will had the advantage over the others because "the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."

How much do you agree with this?

Step 4

As you go through these navitents, keep in mind that it's not about what happened. It's about who you are and what you do next.

Use your imagination to describe what your glorious triumph might look like. Don't hold back!

Step 5

That's enough for now. Give it your best to hang onto that image of your triumph as you go through your day.

Are you willing?

Step 6

Here's the deal about our 'GPS': this trail runs for 21 days without breaks for weekends or holidays.

If at any time you post to the Publisher (us!), check your message icon for responses.

If you're reading this from another site, you'll have to sign in and create a free account to save responses and post comments.

Will you commit to show up each day, do the steps and be honest?

Step 7

You just completed your 2nd navitent. Knuckle bump.

See you tomorrow!

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