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Start:May 23, 2024

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to activate hope with a plan (Your Triumph).

Description: The Next Step guides trekkers toward the right strategies, behaviors and attitudes to reach their dreams, outsmarting what tends to get the ... Read More


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Step 1

Welcome to The Next Step, a site that guides teens and young adults through challenges typical for this time in your life.

Why take you through this kind of guidance system instead of whatever you've been doing? Well...is it okay to get real about mentors and programs that just didn't work for you?

Step 2

This is what we've come to realize after spending years with teens and young adults who've been in foster care or were considered 'at risk' for whatever reason:

*They say they're tired of feeling like they have to tell their story to yet another adult and risk embarrassment and rejection every time they do it.
*They'd like to feel heard by someone they want to trust, but they want to pick the person when they're ready.
*They hate programs.
*They want freedom but still want to be able to talk and get straight answers from older adults without feeling weird when they ask.
*They don't want to feel frustrated by adults who overreact about the topics they bring up.
*They'd like to be able to share and grow with other people their age without it feeling like it's some kind of therapy.
*They want to have a natural and genuine experience with a group of people like themselves who are all working together for something better.

We heard you! That's why the Next Step exists.

It's a way for you to hang onto your dignity, be independent and still get the answers you're looking for to outsmart whatever's in your way at the moment.

What's been your experience with mentors and programs?

Step 3

Interested in hearing a little more?

If so, go to the video icon above to see what we mean.

Select 'Successful' when you've finished watching the video.

Step 4

There's something you should know about having your own personal GPS.

The navigational steps (navitents) will guide you, but you have to follow them to get where you want to go.

If you follow the steps and do what they're asking, then bit by bit and day by day, you'll notice things start changing for you.

Situations that used to make you uncomfortable will get easier to handle. Problems won't feel so overwhelming. Good memories will rise to the surface. Your confidence will grow.

How much are you tracking with us so far?

Step 5

There's something else that makes this so different from other approaches you may have tried.

You can do the navitents with other teens and young adults in situations like yours through a social media forum on the site. It's also okay to go solo if you like. It's completely your call.

If at any time something's bugging you, you need a little more insight or want to make a suggestion, you can share privately with us in the last open box at the bottom of each page.

Posts to us are confidential. Responses show up in your message icon at the top of the page. Feel free to engage in the way you're most comfortable.

Just curious. How often have you needed solutions but felt like you couldn't be yourself and ask for help about something that's really bothering you?

Step 6

Here's your chance.

Begin your journey by going to 'A Small Shift. A Glorious Triumph.' You'll see it on your Day Plan.

By the way, you've just finished your 1st navitent. Congratulations!

How important is it to you to keep going with this?

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