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Start:Sep 28, 2023

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to understand your value and learn how to command the respect you deserve (Respect).

Description: This Next Step trail guides teens and young adults step-by-step each day until they discover their value and become confident in respecting ... Read More


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Step 1


Start off today by remembering something someone said or did that made you laugh. Replay the whole scene in your mind.

When you've finished, select 'Successful' below.

Step 2

Now let's go in a different direction for just a moment.

Think of somebody you've not gotten along with recently.

Approach them today and bring up the issue that's been bothering you.

The goal is to show yourself you can do something uncomfortable but do it with strength and purpose.

Who is the person you need to have a conversation with?

Step 3

It might help you feel better about this exercise if you role play the conversation with a friend or practice it in front of a mirror.

Two things to keep in mind as you are practicing:
a) Pay attention to any self-defeating messages in your mind.
Mentally shake off any negative chatter by flipping the negative to the exact opposite and positive message. Focus on the positive.
b) Don't overshoot the runway. You don't need to go cocky.

Strike a balance. You want to be yourself without the nerves.

One way to pull it off is to be confident in who you are without the need to prove it to anyone else.

Will you practice?

Step 4

Before heading out it helps to remember your go-to stance:

*CONFIDENT SMILE (think Laurence Fishburne in 'The Matrix' or Queen Latifah as herself)

If you keep a confident posture throughout the conversation, it'll give you an air of authority.

Here are some tips to outsmart uncomfortable comments should they arise, “When you said (fill in the blank).....it made me feel (fill in the blank).....”

Maybe add, “What did you really mean by that?”

Know in advance that if the person is negative, then you can agree to disagree and move on. Literally move on.

You have the power to end the conversation and leave. You will have said your piece and will have held your own. That's what mattered.

But...what if...things go well? Will you try this approach?

Step 5

Just let it happen and watch the results follow naturally.

How would you rate your confidence level at this point in handling awkward or potentially tense conversations?

Step 6

At one time in your life maybe you weren't allowed to stand up for yourself.

Unless you are in another relationship like that one then you are now free to speak your mind as long as you do it respectfully.

Do you understand the difference?

Step 7

Go have the conversation.

If you've given these steps 100%, then you're ready.

Don't forget to post to us to let us know how things went. We're excited for you!

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