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Start:May 17, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is intended to help rebuild a sense of dignity and empowerment as trekkers shift their focus to the present and future, leaving th ... Read More


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Step 1

Hi there! Welcome back! Are you ready to begin?

Let's start by looking inward. You know there are many forms of injustice as we mentioned in Day 1. You've probably been on the receiving end of a few of them.

But did you realize that guilt is one of those forms?

It sinks its claws into us when we begin to believe that we should have stopped something bad that happened.

How much can you relate to this?

Step 2

Sometimes bad things happen to us or those we love, and we somehow think we should have prevented it.

That's where guilt settles in.

If this applies to you, ask yourself honestly, calmly and without pressure: Do you want to get rid of guilt?

Step 3

If applicable, then do this. Start by forgiving yourself for what happened, even if you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

OR maybe something happened that you think you should have had control over.

OR maybe you feel guilty that you did what you had to do to survive.

OR maybe, like the rest of us, you made a bad decision you think will haunt you forever.

We feel ya. Seriously, we do. That's guilt.

Look in the mirror. What happened happened. It wasn't your fault. Forgive yourself. Start the process of letting it go.

What did you experience as you looked at your reflection?

Step 4

For inspiration, watch the Kate O'Brien clip in the video icon above. Take a look at Derrick Jaxn's clip next.

Let us know how they landed with you when you've finished. No need to subscribe to Kate's other videos. Just continue on with the Justice steps.

Step 5

Remember the clips yesterday from the film, 'The Shawshank Redemption'?

Guilt was the main character, Andy's, problem.

He was imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. The only reason he didn't commit it was because someone else beat him to it. Because he had the intention, he felt guilty and ashamed.

As a first step, let go of the guilt for today. What happened....happened. It's done. It's time to move on. You still have a life to live.

Nearly all of the 8 billion people who live on our planet have done something they feel terrible about. They carry it around with them almost every day.

Most of them will say that what they did - or didn't prevent - makes them the worst of all humans. And they're wrong. We all do things we feel horrible about. All of us.

Yet there's a perspective we can't see that if we did see it, then we could let go of the guilt.

Since we all face the same struggle, be the one today to move on with the understanding that, as you do so, you give others permission to do so, too.

We'll worry about tomorrow....tomorrow.

It’s a journey. It's not a 'one and done' kind of thing. Journeys by definition are not usually short or easy. Take all the time you need to let go completely. Just one day at a time and one step at a time until it's all in the past where it should remain. You have a present and future to focus on. You can't focus on today, much less tomorrow, if your mind is in the past.

How helpful was this step to you on a scale of 1 to 10, with (10) being most helpful?

Step 6

Spend time during the next 24 hours with someone who is kind and nurturing or with someone who makes you laugh.

OR do something that helps you see the beauty all around you.

You deserve to feel happiness!

What will you do?

Step 7

While you're at it, watch the full movie, 'The Shawshank Redemption'.

You may be able to stream it or check it out of the library.

Will you watch it?

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