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Start:May 17, 2022

Duration:10 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to make friends who bring out the best in you (Your Peeps).

Description: 'Your Peeps' is the 3rd in the Next Step series that give specific, daily guidance that leads toward friends and confidantes who help trekke ... Read More


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Step 1

Hello there!

Let's just go ahead and dive in. If you committed to change something that was in your power to change yesterday, then how are you feeling about this?

If you don't remember what we're talking about, then think back to yesterday and the Serenity Prayer: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

What's been bugging you most that's in your power to change?

When you've answered that, think about this: Is your mental chatter rooting for you or against you?

Step 2

About that mental chatter or those voices in your head that are critical of you, sometimes we choose friends that are a lot like those voices. (Yes, we've all got them.)

When we hang with critical, negative or rebellious friends, making a significant turnaround in our lives becomes nearly impossible.

So, here's another important change you may have to make before you can take on anything else, and it will take some serious wisdom and courage to pull it off.

If some or even all of your friends are tearing you down more than building you up, is it time to rethink the value of having these people around you?

Not sure what a healthy friendship looks like?

Picture a group of people linked together encircling you. All of you are working together, protectively, encouraging each other to accomplish a purpose that no one could have done alone.

Visit the video icon above and watch the clip from the movie, 'Gladiator'. There are some violent parts to the clip. If it bothers you, then only watch the first 2 min and 20 seconds.

Tell us what you thought about the message when you've finished.

Step 3

Think about the scene where the main character, Maximus, and his fellow gladiators used interlocking - also called overlapping - shields to defeat their enemies.

These shields provide strength through a united group of people who are working together for a common purpose.

Would you like to know how to have a group of people like this in your life?

Step 4

If so, what's a common, positive purpose that you'd like to aim for? Think about the change you mentioned in Step 1. There are other people after that same thing. That's a common purpose.

It doesn't have to be earth shattering. One simple thing, like treating other people with the respect you'd like to be shown, can have a far reaching ripple effect all on its own.

So what is it? What are you aiming for?

Step 5

You have the power to join others who share similar values toward a common goal.

Values are the qualities most important to you at the very core of your being.

Values are ideals you will not negotiate. They're who you really are.
The very essence of who you are is most likely the same as - or similar to - the one-word adjective you used to describe yourself in Day 1.

List the values you won't abandon no matter what.

Step 6

These core values also are what you want to share in your friendships. You knew that already.

If for no other reason, consider choosing friends based upon constructive, common core values so that the drama factor goes down - way down - and your ability to achieve the change you want to make goes way up.

Now think about your friends' core values. List the friends whose core beliefs line up with yours.

Step 7

Which friends have values that are in conflict with yours?

Step 8

Do you find that you usually have a knot in your stomach when you're around certain people?

Step 9

If no, then you're well on your way to friendships that are meaningful and good. Either that or you've been completely oblivious to the affect of those around you.

If you answered yes in Step 8, having a knot in your stomach around certain people, then will you agree to continue with these navigational steps to find the friends who can bring more happiness and stability into your life?

If you think you have the right people in your circle already, we challenge you to keep going. Maybe there's something important you can learn and pass on to others through this navigational series.

Step 10

For now, let's aim toward becoming stronger. If you didn't have strength, you wouldn't be here. You have it. Let's build on it.

Who can you reach out to who seems like they have similar values as yours based on what you know about them so far?

This can be someone from your past or someone you go to school with or a person in your neighborhood. It could be someone who works with you. It could be a boss or instructor.

We're going for friends who can Lead, Challenge, Encourage and Strengthen. Nothing more. Nothing less. You're worth shooting for big goals, so let's do this. Like it or not, to achieve anything meaningful, it takes people in your corner to help.

Step 11

When you've identified at least one potential new friend, find a way to reach out to them in the next 24 hours. If no one is available, trust the navitents for now.

Which option do you have available to you at this time?

Post your progress or dilemmas to publisher (us) and/or your Camps. We're in this together.

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