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Start:Jul 12, 2024

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to activate hope with a plan (Your Triumph).

Description: The Next Step guides trekkers toward the right strategies, behaviors and attitudes to reach their dreams, outsmarting what tends to get the ... Read More


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JP NextStep


Step 1

Hi again!

It's been a few days since you started this trek toward your own personal triumph. How's it going for you? What's changed?

Step 2

What are you struggling with?

Step 3

How would you prefer to be supported, assuming you would like anything different?

If you need something you're not getting from this series, post to us in the last open box on this page. Otherwise, we won't be able to respond to your needs. We really like to be responsive.

All you have to write in the Publisher's space is 'try something else' or 'doing okay'.

Step 4

When you're ready to move on, go to the video icon and watch the first clip from the film, 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.'

We were reminded about Fred Rogers when a young man told us that Mister Rogers was his childhood hero. We understood exactly what he was talking about after watching the movie.

Tell us your reaction to the message when you finish watching the first clip.

Step 5

Now take a look at the second clip.

Step 6

Take a minute - a full 60 seconds - and think about all the people in your life "who loved you into being," as Mr. Rogers described it.

List their names or roles in your life.

Step 7

Describe what you think they saw in you at the time and why you think they responded to you the way they did.

Step 8

Describe what is best about you now.

Step 9

Think about the challenges in your way at this moment.

Name the stumbling blocks in your way of thinking that may be keeping your best qualities from being front and center.

Step 10

List things you could do to remove the stumbling blocks, including any advice you remember from the people you listed in steps 3 and 4.

Step 11

Do one thing this week that begins to remove a stumbling block.

Describe that one thing that you'll commit to do this week.

Step 12

To stay encouraged, try the 'glad game'.

Wake up each day and think of at least one thing to be grateful for. Do this whenever the doubts start crowding out your hopes.

So...what are you glad about now?

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