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Start:Jun 20, 2024

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to capture your dreams and turn them into workable plans (Vision4Future).

Description: 'Vision4Future' connects trekkers to their dreams, guiding them to a simple, workable strategy that puts their vision into motion.


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JP NextStep


Step 1

Aloha! Welcome back!

Begin this navitent by going to the video icon above and watching the clip from the movie, 'Moana'.

Let us know what you think when you've finished.

Step 2

Moana had a strong desire to pursue adventure. She couldn't suppress it.

Why? It was a part of her. That's what dreams are - a part of you.

Like Moana, you may feel blocked in pursuing this part of you. Is this true?

Step 3

You were asked yesterday to take a stand against messages - including those in your own mind - that were blocking you from following your own path.

How do you pursue what is most special to you and still please others?

The short answer is...you can't.

Maybe it's not possible right now. However, if you take a long-range approach in your thinking, it helps.

If you achieve your dreams, then others can see your fulfillment, your joy and the passion that fuels it. That's a way for them to be happy for you and even feel honored by the life you've chosen.

Does this make sense to you?

Step 4

Envision your life in 5 years.

What will make you the most happy? In this vision, picture how you look, how you act, the kind of friends you want, family, education, career, lifestyle, place where you live....whatever it is that grabs you most.

It's your vision. Give it all you've got!

Step 5

When you finished describing your future self, what were the first two thoughts that jumped in your mind?

Step 6

If the messages were hopeful, great! Keep it up!

If you're like most of us, though, there may have been a critical or doubtful phrase that popped up.

If so, what was it?

Step 7

That's the message that's trying to rob you. That's the inner voice we have to give everything to defeat before it defeats us.

It might help to know that we all have to learn that if a dream is worth having, then it will be challenged. That's part of the adventure.

We have to fight hard and often to insist that we achieve our dreams because they express the best part of us.

Our first opponent is often our own doubts and current predicaments.

How hard will you fight to overcome the inner 'voices' or doubts that try to steal your dream?

Step 8

Speaking of fighting, any good boxer knows they have to have a good trainer, someone in their corner who guides them and believes in them.

This is how they keep going when things get tough. That said, who do you go for advice and encouragement?

Step 9

You may have a friend, sibling or other family member who supports you. If so, great!

Let's add another person. The more positive voices there are in your life, the easier it is to overcome what comes against you day to day.

Try this: start looking for a job or volunteer project where the supervisor seems like they may have the experience, time and desire to reach inside you and pull out your best. This would be the kind of person who won't let you give up or go backwards easily.

You don't even have to like the person at first. They're usually pretty tough but in a good way - like a great coach who pushes you to excel.

It doesn't have to be the kind of job or volunteer position you initially planned on having. Just look for that "knowing" in your gut that this is the person who can do it.


Step 10

The easiest way to start is by asking someone you already know if they know a person like this who has a job opening or a volunteer project available.

That said, we realize that sometimes it's very difficult to find such a person. There aren't a lot of them anymore. But it is well worth the effort you give it.

At the same time, keep going with The Next Step navigation (you're doing it now). Each subject is designed to lead you in the direction you want to go with step-by-step guidance and encouragement.

These navigational steps can be that person in your corner until you're ready to branch out.

Of course, you also have your Campfire (local), Campsite (JP Next Step national) and Campground (JP Next Step international) to turn to for support and great ideas.

Are you willing to keep going with these steps and search for the right boss/supervisor to be in your corner?

Step 11

Keep going. The first person you'll impress is yourself!

Enjoy your own adventure!

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