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Start:May 17, 2022

Duration:15 Minutes

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is intended to help rebuild a sense of dignity and empowerment as trekkers shift their focus to the present and future, leaving th ... Read More


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Step 1

Hi! How's it going?

Today let's work on this letting go concept a little more.

How much do you doubt that anything good could come from a situation that hurt you badly?

Step 2

No matter how you answered above, go to the video icon and watch the clip about Elizabeth Smart and Alicia Kozakiewicz.

Both girls were kidnapped. Both were very badly mistreated. Both were eventually found. Both found the strength and courage to move on.

It wasn't easy. It didn't happen overnight.

It was a careful decision they each made over time because they didn't want their past to rule their future.

Their path led them to start a nonprofit to elevate a cause that would free or even prevent tragedy for hundreds and thousands of kids.

Somebody tried to destroy them. Now they're rescuing many, many others facing similar situations.

Tell us how the video landed with you when you've finished watching it.

Step 3

If money and time were no object, what would you like to do that could help someone like you?

Step 4

One small step is all it takes to put your vision into motion.

What's your one small step?

Step 5

How willing are you to take that step in the next 24 hours?

Step 6

Get going. Don't forget to have a little fun with the project while you're doing it.

Bye for now!

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