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Start:May 18, 2022

Duration:20 Minutes

Goal: this Active Trail will improve the efficacy of your core, while pushing your limits of endurance.


Summary: This trail builds on the foundational core program, this a challenging eight-week program focused on pushing your limits while maximizing your time.

Elements (4)

Set 1

Name/Instructions: 4 rounds x designated reps of each exercise- Using Swiss Ball
Sit up to med ball press (45 sec)
Bear plank shoulder planks (45 sec)
Standing around the world (15 ES)
Lunge side medicine ball toss (15 ES)
Sit up with front med ball toss (15)

Target Repetitions:

Actual Repetitions

Target Amount:

Actual Amount

Target Intensity: Skip

Actual Intensity


Elements (4)

Yoga Mat


Swiss Ball


Medicine Ball