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Start:Sep 25, 2022

Duration:45 Minutes

Goal: this Active Trail will create the endurance for the athlete to compete in preseason.


Summary: This trail will challenge athletes as they prepare for their upcoming season. Focused on full-body strengthening and conditioning to be sustained throughout their season.

Elements (3)

Set 1

Name/Instructions: 6 rounds (45 seconds work and 30 seconds rest)
Part 1: push up, bench press/floor press, single-arm shoulder press (seated), band rotation, bent over row
Part 2: step up (DB), seated squat, overhead squat, 4-way lunges, deadlift, calf raise
Core: plank (max), russian twists (30T), straight leg toe touches (20L&R)

Target Repetitions:

Actual Repetitions

Target Amount: Weights/Mass

Actual Amount

Target Intensity: Skip

Actual Intensity

Rest: Weights/Mass

Elements (3)

Yoga Mat




Resistance Band