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Start:May 18, 2022

Duration:45 Minutes

Goal: this Active Trail will balance the strength through the lower extremity while not sacrificing flexibility.


Summary: The leg is made up of two large muscle groups, (hamstring and quadriceps), the goal is to be strong without losing flexibility. During this 4 week trail, you will build foundation strength and build to more explosive movements.

Elements (2)

Set 1

Name/Instructions: Superset Circuit: Perform the two exercises back to back with no rest, after both are complete 1 minute of rest. Rest 2 minutes before moving on to the next set.
Narrow stance squat (5S/5R) to heel elevated squat (4S/ 6-8R)
Walking lunge with DB/Bar (4S/20R) with hip thrust (4S/20R)
Pistol squat or one-legged squat (4S/6-8) to knee extension (3S/10R)

Target Repetitions:

Actual Repetitions

Target Amount: Weights/Mass

Actual Amount

Target Intensity: Skip

Actual Intensity

Rest: Weights/Mass

Elements (2)



Resistance Band