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Start:Aug 14, 2022

Duration:30 Minutes

Goal: this Active Trail will improve the efficacy of your cardiovascular system.


Summary: This trail will challenge you and push you cardiovascular so that when it is time for you to go to preseason you will be ready for whatever is thrown at you. This will work on your endurance as well as your sprint speed.

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Set 1

Name/Instructions: Hill Runs/ Stair Runs
Find a hill in your neighborhood or local track for use of the stairs. Dependent on the hill if it is steep or gradual incline. Stair runs, run one whole side of stairs on a stadium or run all the flights of the building (4-5 flights)
Hill runs (8-10) full sprint, rest walking back to start
Stadium runs (5-8 rounds) rest walking back to the stair
Stair Runs (4 round x 4/5 flights) rest at top and bottom (1:30) then repeat

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