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Start:May 18, 2022

Duration:30 Minutes

Goal: this Active Trail will improve the efficacy of your cardiovascular system.


Summary: This trail will challenge you and push you cardiovascular so that when it is time for you to go to preseason you will be ready for whatever is thrown at you. This will work on your endurance as well as your sprint speed.

Elements (2)

Set 1

Name/Instructions: Repeats:
Placing a cone on the start line, then place one at the 10-yard line, 20-yard line, 30-yard line, 40-yard line, and 50-yard line. Run to the 10-yard line, back to start, 20-yard line, back to start, 30-yard line, back to start, 40-yard line, back to start, 50-yard line, and then finish at start line. This equals one set, repeat x 8-10. (reset one minute in b/w sets)

Target Repetitions:

Actual Repetitions

Target Amount:

Actual Amount

Target Intensity: Skip

Actual Intensity


Elements (2)

Cones/ Anything to mark distance


Stop watch/ Timing device