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Title: Certified Athletic Trainer

Goal: Hi, my name is Renata Odongo I am a Certified Athletic Trainer who works in Sports Medicine. I specialize in injury prevention, recovery, wellness, and preparing athletes for their seasons through programs that include lifting, conditioning, functional movement, and mobility. I believe fitness is a spectrum and that individuals need to identify their what/why before they start their fitness journey.

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Beginner Friendly Courses - Don't Know Where to Start? Start Here.
These courses are for athletes who know how to perform the exercises or training with me directly.

Foundational Core
Engage your core gradually to build strength.
15 Navitents | 5 Weeks
Foundational Arms
Strengthen the upper extremity.
10 Navitents | 5 Weeks
Leg Strengthening
Strengthen the lower extremity.
12 Navitents | 4 Weeks
Low Impact
Incorporate movement that doesn't illicit joint pain.
11 Navitents | 6 Weeks
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