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Title: Certified Athletic Trainer

Goal: Hi, my name is Renata Odongo I am a Certified Athletic Trainer who works in Sports Medicine. I specialize in injury prevention, recovery, wellness, and preparing athletes for their seasons through programs that include lifting, conditioning, functional movement, and mobility. I believe fitness is a spectrum and that individuals need to identify their what/why before they start their fitness journey.

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Advanced Courses
These courses are for athletes who know how to perform the exercises or training with me directly.

Running Program - 3 Months to Preseason
Prepare the athletes cardiovascular system.
33 Navitents | 3 Months
Advanced Core
Challenge your core endurance.
14 Navitents | 7 Weeks
Increase your cardiovascular endurance and conditioning.
15 Navitents | 2 Months
Lifting for Athletes: Pre-season
Prepare athletes for their sport season.
20 Navitents | 4 Weeks
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